Uh. I wanted this to be thankful but I tried to type Thankful Saturday and I kept defaulting to Saterday. Like… it looked wrong… but it took my brain 10 seconds to figure out the correct spelling for Saturday. Sigh. I am really really sleep deprived right now.

I went into the office today for work. Blargh. It’s actually not too bad. Had cookies and donuts and turtle tower with the team. We had the retrospective today and I’m thankful that I worked with such smart and nice people. I was kinda out Friday and didn’t do much so I felt bad but you can’t really do anything with you’re running on fumes.

I’m thankful that I’m wearing semi clean clothes. Lol. I’m literally wearing my last pair of clean underwear. Tomorrow I need to do laundry… but it’s also going to rain the entire day so I’m hoping that there’ll be enough of a window for me to do laundry. I watched the UFC today and damn. Holm and McGregor both lost. I think the moral of the story is that you can never give up. True champs fight to the end and it was so impressive to that Miesha got the 5th round submission considering the fact that she was on her way to defeat and getting punched in the face by a champ.

I started watching Parasyte. On my way back home from work I realized I was being retarded. I was really annoyed that the lyft driver didn’t stop on the right side of the street because it was raining like crazy. But then I realized I should just be thankful for the existance of lyft and the fact that I can cheaply and easily get access to car rides.

I’m thankful that I’ll finally get to catch up on sleep. Probably gonna sleep close to 15 hours soon. Oh man… kinda crazy sleep deprived.