Wow. I uh woke up and got to do yoga at home. It’s so amazing. I got a recording from one of my favorite yoga instructors and now it’s as if I have yoga class on demand. Mind blown.

Now I can do yoga on saturdays rain or laziness. If I sleep in like I did today I can still do yoga at 1pm. Sometimes I think that everything is just going so well and I think having yoga on demand is just a reminder of how nice I have things.

Cooked myself a delicious meal that I’ll be having later. Then I’ll be celebrating my friend’s birthday tonight.

I’ve been watching the uh… Lee Sedol vs Google games and it’s kinda crazy. Well… one is that the computer actually beat a human go player. I remmeber growing up as a kid and everyone was saying it wouldn’t happen in our lifetime but it freaking did. And the other thing is… all the technology behind the google computer… I understand the concepts of it. Like.. neural networks, monte carlo tree search, and other things.

I’ve always wondered how musicians can stay alive for so long by alive I mean relevant. And then it occurred to me that as the musicians get older the audience gets older with them so the following doesn’t really diminish. Even without many new fans… musicians will generally have their old fans and stuff. Crazy stuff yo.

Gonna watch parasyte and some movies now. Oh man… being able to watch movies on demand. Netflix is like… so good. And of course the internet. All hails the internets.