I just got back from Dominican Republic. It was the shit. There’s so much to talk about. First. Let me just say happy 4/20 and I just had some chocolate. Shiet son. Shiet. I had part one of the chocolate… and delayed part two… and now part two is hitting me real good. Shiet yo. I’m pretty wasted.

I realize now that my posture is bad. Sitting in front of the computer. Whoa. My posture is so bad. Ok. I slightly made it better. But anyways. What was I gonna write. I’m back from vacation and I realize how great my life in SF is. I took a lyft from SFO to home. It was $25. And the guy picked me up from departures which was right at the exit of the gate. It was late so there was also no traffic. I got home in like 30 minutes.

I wish that there were lyft/uber in dominican republic. I got hella scammed on my first day. I paid $40 to get a drive from the airport to the mall. And $20 to get from the mall to my place. So $60. And then later I rented a car and the $60 trip only took me 25 minutes. Sigh. People just rip you off. I think that if you don’t speak spanish and travel … they just see you as money and try to scam you. So I got hella scammed. but no biggie.

I did laundry today. The laundry by my place finally opened. It’s now 5 minute laundry run instead of 20. Man. I save an hour per laundry run. Life is pretty good. And the new office move is happening next week. I get to experience the joys of walking to work. Damn son. Damn.

Wow. So it’s 12 and I just wanna publis this. So… go. go.