So… I don’t have any vacation withdrawel. In fact… it feels great coming back home. And going back to work. I actually really enjoy doing my work. Planning and programming and both fun. And I work with really smart people.

I just got back from shuffle. I think… I’ve been looking forward to thursdays more and more because it’s shuffle day. So that’s good. I’m actually really spoiled by SF life. Yesterday I had pho for lunch. It was walking distance from my home. And then for dinner I got food delivered. Oh. I also got grocieres delivered. And my laundry place reopened. Now I don’t need to walk 3 blocks to do laundry… my hardest task of the week is back to easy mode. Man. I’m so spoiled. The hardest thing in my life was to walk 3 blocks to do my weekly laundry.

I think… I’m already starting to miss SF. It’s like.. thinking about the possibility of leaving makes me realize how much I like it here. SF is my home. I don’t have a home anywhere else… but I guess home is whatever I make it. I also got groceries delivered yesterday. Yeah. I’m gonna miss the prime boba location and coffee location. And everything being walking distance… amongst other things. Of course… my shuffle friends as well. One trip is done… and I’ll be flying over to Phoenix this weekend for a dance competition. Crazy. The weekend after dominican is phoenix. So much flying. I actually… wanna just stay in one place. Flying is really convenient… and fast. Well.. convenient in a sense of how else will you travel thousands of miles in a few hours. But it sucks. I fucking hate airport security and lines. I can’t wait for technology to disrupt the airline security system. It’s retarded and fucked up. One of my only few instances where I have a really strong opinion.

Anyways. My mind has been full of random thoughts since the vacation. And I haven’t really had time to just calm down and rest. I’m really looking forward to next weekend where I can finally catch up and just stay home. Except I might actually be on call. Hopefully not… but maybe.