I’m thankful for my now 20 minute commute. Actually… it’s more like 15 minutes given normal traffic lights. Door to door.. leaving my house and arrive at my desk at work is 15 minutes. That’s so crazy. And.. to think that I actually use to have it even better. I had a 10 minute commute when I first moved here…. but that was with my old company which wasn’t as good. I’m thankful that my new office is so great. On the walk back from the office I stopped by target today to buy my own groceries. Now I can live the japan way and just buy groceries everyday after work as needed.

I went to the gym today. It’s the first day after… close to 3 weeks. Since I just went pure vacation mode in dominican republic… followed by my phoenix weekend getaway. I definitely got weaker… but I didn’t get too much weaker so that’s good. I did another load of laundry today. Sometimes… you really don’t know what you got until it’s gone. And uh… I use to think that doing laundry by taking it down 3 flights of stairs was hard. Until I had to take it down 3 flights of stairs and 3 blocks. But now… it’s back to easy mode. And for that it feels really easy. And I’m thankful.

I need to start selling my shit. I got the guitar… and rocksmith that I spent like $150 on but ended up probably only practicing for 10 hours. I guess… it wasn’t a bad investment. I wonder if I can even get $50 for it. I just bought 64 gigs of ddr4 ram today. It was on slickdeals… and I paid $200 for it. That’s kinda crazy. $200 for 64 gigs of ram. Damn. I’m living in the future… and I’m old. I guess I’m thankful that technology keeps getting better and cheaper.

I’m still recovering from the long / short 3 weeks of vacation that I was on. It’s like… time went by so fast… but it also went by so slow. Vacation was short yet long. I enjoyed and remember most of it. Gotta use the heal. I know about the heal.. but I don’t use it. Heal is some good shit yo.