TGIF. Just gonna recap my last few events.

Just got home after getting $5 mango sago from i-tea. I’m hella spoiled. I got to smoke marijuana with my old coworkers and my current coworkers. Life is good.

Shit… the new friday free drinks and food place is. 7 minutes walking from my home. i can go home. have dinner. relax. and then walk over to the bar and smoke with my friends. whoa man. i am. so spoiled.

i’m thankful for sparc. the best pre-rolls. they even give it to you in a clear tube… so goood.

at i-tea… i realize that i still have a bit of social anxiety. it’s not at the level where it really affects me. but i realized that after smoking i have no anxiety at all. damn. i guess it is an anxiety medication. that’s why i got prescribed it after all. it helps me relax and concentrate.

shit. i can’t wait til i’m totally anxiety free via meditation.

if you read this it means that i really really really really really like you. (8). Music yo. :)