I’m thankful that my aunt and uncle visited me in San Francisco. Even though the purpose of their visit was to visit me specifically… I got to treat them to food and explore fisherman’s wharf with them. I’m thankful that my two monitors will live on in a friend’s place instead of someone random. I think of my electronics as my kids… lol. Reminds me of silicon valley when my girlfriend = my macbook. My dual monitors found a good home and for that I’m thankful. Also selling it was easier than imagined because of that.

I’m thankful for craigslist. It makes selling things easier. I still need to sell a ton of crap. But so far I’ve already sold my guitar which was just collecting dust. After much thought I decided on just selling my desktop for ~$500 as opposed to shipping it back to Canada. I’m thankful for the yoga recording that I have from my favorite instructors. I get to do Saturday yoga whenever I wake up… which is 1pm.

After getting rid of my dual monitors… I cleaned my desk and moved my 3rd monitor to my desk as the primary monitor. My place looks so minimalist and clean. It’s pretty sweet.

I also finished planning my travels this weekend. I’m thankful that planning trips around cities and buying tickets can be all done online from the comfort of your home. Within 20 minutes. My flights to LA/NYC/Toronto in total cost ~$400. I get to fly to 3 cities and across the entire united states. I’m thankful that I haven’t gotten that much weaker. It’s now my 2nd week back in the gym since extended vacation. I’m almost back at 80%.

You know what’s crazy? Looking at other people… you can see what your future will kinda look like. After all… you are the average of your 5 closest friends or whatever. I think that’s true to a certain extent… but then I have no friends so I wouldn’t know. Aside from seeing your own future… I’m starting to see myself from the eyes of younger me. Shit. I’m an uncle now… and I have a niece. I use to meet all these cool young people who would travel and work. Now that’s me. I travel… and do stuff. O.O. Shit. I’m old. I randomly live in a city where relatives will fly by… and I’ll come out and treat them to food. It’s like… yeah. Back in the day we flew to random city and your relative treated us to food. Shit. I’m that relative. O.O

Anyways. I’m thankful that my backlog of good games is so high. I don’t think I’ll ever get the time to finish it all. I started playing ni no kuni again. It looks so beautiful. I think I’ll finally have the time to finish it this may/june. Pretty excited. Life is good.