This is a repeating story: I’m feeling shitty. Basically just tired and lazy. I got the flu before vacation and I decided to just rest and not work out. Feeling so wasted and crappy from EDC. I couldn’t sleep this morning at 8am. I tried sleeping at 6am. Woke up at 8am…gave up and went to target to buy some food. Came back home and then couldn’t sleep until 11am.

Then I woke up around 3pm. So I guess I got 4 hours of sleep. But I was just feeling really shitty. And irritable. And then… after dinner I started practicing dance for the friday performance. Then I did my stretch habit. And then even though I was lacking sleep… I just went fuck it. Let’s go to the gym. Stretching -> Gym has been a habit that I built. It’s like a cue. It’s my pre-gym routine. And it’s pretty easy to start stretching. And once I start it’s somewhat easy to continue. Except today I was really sleep deprived. I kinda forgot… where I was in my stretching habit. You know when you go into autopilot mode.. I was just like… what stretch did I just do?

Anyways. Went to the gym. Tried to practice dance without the video and my left/right sense was way off. I didn’t remember which hand/foot went where. I just gave up instead of trying to practice bad habits. Did the usual 5x5. And then got home and showered. And now I feel great. It’s 2:30am… and I’m watching starcraft 2. I think I’ll probably sleep at 3 / 330. I need to wake up at 9:50 for dentist. But I think working out will give me the 6 hours of beauty sleep that I need.

I’m thankful that… 24h fitness is so close. Still trying to sell my TV and my desktop computer. We’ll see… if it doesn’t happen I’ll just ship it back. No biggie.