Yesterday I spent Christmas with my some new friends from Tokyo. It was the earliest that I’ve woken up recently. I woke up at around 9am… and then took 4 trains to get to Chiba. I actually got lost… because bad data / bad google / bad line maps made me walk to the wrong point. I took an one hour detour and just walked around chiba before I ended up at the park. That was an interesting experience. Lucky I bought my headphones… and dressed warmly. I could barely feel my fingers at the end.. but totally worth it.

We had yakiniku in this park and I got to meet many new people who only spoke Japanese. Yoshi is the friend who invited me to the BBQ and only him and Emi spoke English so I was forced to use my Japanese. That was so much fun. Hehehe. Just being forced to use Japanese… it’s exactly why I moved to Japan in order to improve. BBQ was delicious.

Then we went to a hotspring. I got the true Japanese hotspring experience. Heh. So apparently, the hotspring only cost 1000yen. I feel scammed. When my sister visited we went to a touristy hotspring which cost like… 4k yen. I guess yelp reviews help get the foreigners.

Post hot spring… some of us decided to karaoke. I got to experience Japanese non taxi driving… and then we had ramen at a famous place. I could actually read the menu. Except I read the kanji wrong. Zenbu hairi miso. Everything miso ramen. But then I learned that it’s zenbu riri miso. :D getting japanese lessons from a local. life is good.

went to karaoke. still struggling to read at singing speed. it’s mostly the kanji. but karaoke is actually a good kanji learning experience. everyone was so good at karaoke I was kinda intimidated. but it was so much fun. ended up taking two trains to get back home. the seibu to get to takadanobaba and then the yamanote - my favorite train. left house at 10 and got back at 11:30… so about a 13 hour trip. hehe. life in japan. christmas in japan… I’m living the dream. and for that I’m so thankful.

In my last post I wrote about disappointment… cause I know that I can do better. Christmas was pretty amazing. I also finished Yakuza 6 and uh… I’ll write a review for both Persona 5 and Yakuza 6 sometimes soon. The thing with Persona 5 was that… I actually beat the game at essentially the max level. My gear was actually really shitty. Before starting FFXV… I started looking at the ideal gear already… cause you don’t wanna miss the zodiac spear*. I think that actually ruins the enjoyment of the game when you do that though. I mean… I enjoyed p5 so much without using a guide… except for the strength social link. I mean… for establishing social links.

I’m thankful that I’m in Japan. I’m thankful for all my Japanese friends. I’m thankful that I’m living the dream. I get to wake up… meditate. Eat cheap amazing japanese food. Write code and build my own apps. Watch anime and play video games. Life is good. It’s almost the new year. For January 1st~3rd… I’ll be working on the masterplan. To make sure I make the best use of my time in Japan.