I went to the gym yesterday night at my usual 1am. I’ll really miss the late night walks in almost utter silence. There’s always cars. But it’s always silence. And the buildings combined with the fog just makes it so nice. It’s like art you know… the architecture and the backdrop. I’ll miss SF.

I worked from home today because I woke up feeling sick and shitty. Then… I got food and boba delivered. Only in SF I think. Where else can you get rice/ramen delivered along with boba. I tried out teaspoon which is a new tea place in SF. The delivery. So good man. Although it turned out to be $7 USD boba. Treat yoself.

I just bought 3 games for $6 off psn. Megaman X4, Megaman X5, and Digimon Arena ps3 or something. I can’t believe I can buy Megaman X4 and X5 for $5. It’s like crazy. I remember buying the pirated version as a kid. PSX games were $8 a disc. And now… the hd version is $2. Legit. I guess it pays to be legal.

Steam is pretty awesome like that too. It only takes about 3 years for a new game to hit sub $5… and since I’m way behind on games I basically always have new $5 games to play. Except now I’m on pure linux. Still worth it though.

I’m so thankful for the high quality marjiuana that’s available in california. I think that’s something that I’ll miss so much when I’m in Canada / Japan. The drugs. Thug life chose me. Lol.

I think I’ll eventually write a megapost about all that I’ll miss in SF. I guess this will be part one.