Man. Year of the upsets. Year of the underdog. Eddie Alvarez… becomes the the lightweight champion. Just… wow. I mean… RDA looked unstoppable. And then one punch… one mistake. It goes back to the beginning… once you’re at the top… every little thing matters.

Jon Jones off the fight card. Damn. DC vs Anderson Silva. Damn. I guess that just shows the unpredictability of things. UFC 200 looked sick and then 3 days out everything changed. But I guess it’s still decent.

Went to time square. New york on vacation looks pretty sick. And my friends place is in the lower east side which is the ultimate place to live I think. Amazing chinatown food, Had 20 layer crepe cake. And basically ate 3 meals today. 3 mega meals.

Oh yeah. Worse case is after my stint in Japan I’m poor and I’ll have to move to NYC. Which… isn’t too bad I guess. I think I’ll want to live in NYC anyways. NYC… is pretty amazing.

Tomorrow is more food and dessert. Shit.. I’m so fat now. But it’s vacation… and I’ll be focusing on fitness in Japan. So shouldn’t be too bad. I still intend to do the human flag and musicle up within my time in Japan.

Eddie Alvarez… still blows my mind.